Our Heritage

We’re not just another footwear brand.
With 30 years of experience, we recognise that making shoes is a complicated business. There are over a hundred processes in footwear manufacture, some requiring the use of chemicals and plastic. At Lerins we are determined to use our knowledge and credentials to address these challenges and make our shoes in a more environmentally friendly way.

‘One thing I have learnt over the years is that making shoes is a complicated business.’

Lerins London

Our Founder

A self-confessed shoe obsessive born to three generations of shoe makers, Daniel Rubin was always destined for the footwear industry. Passionate about elevating products with signature attention to detail and contemporary design, Daniel has combined his fashion footwear knowledge with an eco-conscious approach, to create a new British trainer brand.
‘I am determined to address challenges and make our shoes in a more environmentally friendly way.’
Daniel Rubin, Founder.

Lerins London

Our Business

Lerins is all about putting style and sustainability hand in hand. Although not yet fully sustainable, we are committed to reducing our global impact, creating fashion footwear that doesn’t compromise on ethical standards. Above all, we are transparent in our achievements and progress.

Our Products

One sneaker.  Three ways. 

Lerins London

Premium Leather

Made in Gold standard Leather Working Group® tanneries where the provenance of the raw material is known and approved and the use of water and chemicals is tightly controlled.

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Lerins London sustainable Vegea grape vegan leather sneaker

Vegan Grape Leather

We’ve joined Italian specialists, VEGEA ® to make trainers from grape skins left over from wine making, combined with vegetable oils and natural fibres.

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Lerins London sustainable recycled canvas sneaker

Recycled canvas

We’re proud to be SEAQUAL® certified, using plastic marine litter that’s melted down and transformed into fibres in our trainers.

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