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Sneakers go green

The rise of sustainable fashion.

Known for fast-fashion manufacturing and excessive carbon footprints, the billion dollar sneaker industry hasn’t historically been associated with environmental friendliness. However, with the rise of sustainable fashion and increasing consumer pressure, the tides are set to change. 

Lerins London sustainability

Let’s break it down

The sneaker industry is a significant contributor to pollution-rich landfills accounting for 1.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Little wonder then that an increasingly savvy customer is searching for the most sustainable sneaker, with the least environmental impact possible.

On the radar - climate-conscious fabrics

Eco-alternatives to synthetic materials are on the rise. We’ve joined Italian experts, VEGEA® , to utilise the unused remains of harvested grapes: the skin, seeds and stem, for our Palm vegan grape leather sneakers.

Lerins London vegan grape leather sneaker collection

Within the industry, mushroom and cactus vegan leathers, corn fibre and dandelion rubber are the latest sneaker production innovations. Performing on durability and imitating the appearance and feel or their predecessors, but with a wider-reaching sustainability potential. 

Say no to landfill – recycle the way forward

In an effort to target throw-away culture, trainer brands are leading the way. Whether recycling unwanted trainers into raw materials or something completely different, reconditioning and restoring them back to new, or joining the growing ranks of sustainable subscription models. The message is clear, keep your trainers well away from landfill, where they can last for up to 1,000 years, and seek out climate-friendly footwear instead. 

Lerins London sustainability