Lerins plastic bag July


Plastic Free July

Summer has started on a strong foot for sustainability advocates, with Plastic Free July.

An Australian-founded movement inspiring people to consider their everyday plastic usage and make small lifestyle changes, the campaign shows how we can all help to reduce the impact of plastic on our planet.


Lerins plastic free July


In our oceans…

Making up 90% of ocean pollution, plastic is set to outnumber fish by 2050, so there’s never been a more crucial time to get involved with this key initiative.

Lerins plastic bag in our blue ocean


At Lerins…

We’re on a journey to make shoes in a more environmentally friendly way, saying no to plastic from day one. We’ve invested in sustainable packaging that’s 100% recycled and compostable, then printed with water-based ink to limit our environmental impact. We’re also FSC certified, promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.


Lerins London sustainable packaging


At home…

So how can you get involved with the Plastic Free July Challenge? At home, work and school, you can refuse single use plastics and swap them out where possible. Consider taking a reusable cup on that next coffee run, or celebrate that special occasion with eco-alternatives to balloons.  Why not avoid products wrapped in excessive plastic packaging, or buy in bulk less frequently. You can even take your own containers to buy loose food at independent retailers. 

 lerins plastic pollution


However you’re engaging in the Plastic Free July mission, start small, remain consistent, and you too can make a positive impact on our planet.